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European Seabass
Dicentrarchus labrax

The June 2012 draft assembly of Dicentrarchus labrax (dicLab v1.0c) was produced by Dr. Heiner Kuhl in Dr. Richard Reinhardts group at the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics, Berlin. For more information about this assembly contact Heiner Kuhl .

Assembly details

The v1.0c seabass genome has been sequenced to approximately 30X coverage by Sanger, 454 and Illumina sequencing. The sequencing reads were assembled using the Celera Assembler v6.1. The resulting draft assembly comprises about 676 Mb at a N50 contig length of 54 kb and an N50 scaffold length of 4.9 Mb. An estimated 83% of the contig sequences have been anchored to linkage / radiation hybrid groups (LG1A - LGx). Of the remaining unanchored scaffolds / contigs, those that could not be localized to a chromosome have been concatenated into the virtual chromosome "UN" with 100 bp gaps between scaffolds.

Annotation details

The v1.0c seabass genome has been annotated by Dr. Mbaye Tine and Dr. Heiner Kuhl based on homology to other sequenced fishes (G. aculeatus, O.latipes, T. nigroviridis and D. rerio) and the curated human protein data from Uniprot. Peptide sequences were splice-aligned to the Seabass genome by the SPALN software to result in raw cds models. The best model was chosen manually and improved using the APOLLO genome curation tool by taking into account BLASTp hits against NRprot, correct start / stop codons and splice site consensus as well as ab initio GENSCAN predictions. This annotation was recently updated by incorporating RNA-seq data and functional annotation by BLAST2GO (see Track "combined annotation").