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  Frequently Asked Questions: Citing the Genome Browser

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  Citing the Genome Browser in publications

"How do I cite the UCSC browser in a journal publication?"

The Citing the Genome Browser web page contains detailed information on citing Genome Browser data and annotations, screen shots, and Genome Bioinformatics group publications.

  Downloading a browser screen shot

"How can I take a screen shot of a Genome Browser track display for publication?"

To print or save a Genome Browser tracks image to a file, click the PDF/PS link in the top menu on the tracks page, then choose your preferred format. The Genome will save a copy of the currently displayed annotation tracks image to a file that can be printed or edited. Images saved in PostScript format can be printed at high resolution and edited by drawing programs such as Adobe Illustrator. This is particularly useful for generating figures intended for publication. Images saved in PDF format may be viewed by Adobe Acrobat Reader.