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  Frequently Asked Questions: Display Problems
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  Problems accessing the Genome Browser or Blat

"I'm having problems accessing the Genome Browser and blat server site. When I try to do a blat search, I'm getting the message "Couldn't connect to blat1 17779. Connection refused."

The Genome Browser database has a regularly scheduled maintenance window during the hours of 1:00-2:00 p.m. Pacific Time on Sunday afternoons. Although we reserve one hour for this maintenance, the actual down time is usually only a few minutes.

If you are experiencing an access problem outside of this timeframe, send an out-of-service report to genome-www@soe.ucsc.edu When reporting a problem with either our website or a link on one of our web pages, please provide us with specific information to help expedite a resolution (e.g. an exact web link, a specific gene, etc.). We try to respond to problems as quickly as possible. You may want to bookmark mirror servers to avoid any interruption to your research.

  Error message - "Can't find organism"

"When I try to start the browser, I get the error message "Can't find organism for hg8"."

Your browser settings may be set to an assembly version that has been moved to our archives. To clear this setting, click the "Click here to reset" link on the Genome Browser gateway page. You should then be able to access all current assemblies.

  Resetting the Genome Browser display to default settings

"Is there an easy way to restore all the tracks to their original settings without changing them one at a time?"

To return all of the browser's tracks to their default settings, including removing any custom tracks, click the "Click here to reset" link on the Browser Gateway page or the "default tracks" button on the Browser tracks page. Resetting the browser display is also a good idea if you are observing unexpected behavior in your tracks display. However, be aware that this action will clear all track filter settings and extended DNA case/color options that you may have modified.